Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gorgeous ALPACA FLEECES now available

OUR 2010 ALPACA FLEECE range is NOW available! ... we have just successfully finished our 2010 shearing and have some gorgeous fleeces available for sale. I am very chuffed to say that my shearers comments were "these are some of the best fleeces i have seen this season" (and BOY! has she seen some fleeces!)

I have both SURI and HUACAYA fleeces available this year, in white, light fawn, fawn, medium/dark brown and black. ALL are very lusterous and superior quality. Prices range from $60 - $120 per fleece (discounts to those buying more than one are also offered). This price is for the whole fleece, right from the alpaca! (fleeces are skirted, and in two bags as the premium saddle area is separated from the remaining fleece).
Please contact me at: Berryliciousbuttons@gmail for further details
.... here are some of the girls prior to shearing:

Monday, January 4, 2010

Update on FINAL SALE (Closing Down) - SUPER HUGE BARGAINS!

To welcome in the new year, I have decided to offer my final stock from Berrylicious Buttons to my blog and facebook followers at super low prices. These offers are all at great prices, and will not last long - so if you see something you like, please send me a message for further information, or to place an order:

Prices are in AUSTRALIAN dollars (happy to convert for those overseas) and would require a direct deposit payment (paypal available for those that request it, but as these prices are at rock bottom paypal payments will incur a 5% fee).

Berrylicious Brooch and Super Cool Badges:
1 Brooch $6
2 Brooch $10
4 Brooch $18

OFFER 2: Berrylicious Gift Tags Journal Tags Scrapbooking Tags (pkt 24)
These need cards come on a super cool hinged ring for easy access and are made from superior designer cardstock
1 Pack $7.00
2 Packs $12.00
4 Packs $20.00

OFFER 3: " Clippee Doo Dars" Magnetic Clips - These are fab for holding shipping lists on the fridge, childrens notices, accounts etc - Made from super high quality metal spring loaded clips.
1 for $5.00
2 for $9.00
4 for $16.00
OFFER 4: Berrylicious Bookmarks Page Markers - Super large clips to mark your pages in a novel, childrens book, recipes or to hold papers together in the office!
1 for $5.00
2 for $9.00
4 for $16.00
OFFER 5: Tinned Delights - Comes in Headwrap Headbands (1 per pkt) Bobbies (2 in Pkt) and Pony Tail Hair Elastic in this neat little gift tin
1 for $7.00
2 for $12.00
OFFER 6: CLIPS & BOBBIES GALORE! Here is a super variety of hair clips and Bobby pins at a fabulous price (choose from any of those pictured below): *a selected few of these have slightly damaged packaging, although the products are perfect
ALL $3.50 EACH! (normal price $5.00 and up)
OFFER 7: OH! La la Hair Sets
all a super doopa low price at $6.00 a set (normal price $10 per set) *some of these may not have perfect packaging, however the products are in perfect condition
OFFER 8: Single Hair Elastics (hurry! only a few left!)
1 for $3 or
4 for $10.00
I also have these left: $5.00 per set of 2
and also have a few of these left in assorted colours (these are fab weeny little clips for toddlers that dont like things in their hair so much) - These are $2.50 each

I hope you find something that takes your fancy, and I would like to wish you all a wonderful 2010 x