Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday ...

I LOVE the gorgeous Button Bouquets from SUNWEEDS (fellow DUST TEAM member)
Button Flower Bouquet from the lovely SUNWEEDS:

Dripping Red Necklace Elegant and Gothic by littlewaltz (fellow DUST member):

LOVE the photo. LOVE the whole mysterious gothic look!
(takes me back to my teenage years!! lol)
Gothic Hooded Shrug:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GORGEOUS - what more can I say?

I just LLLLUUURVE this image - I think it is just stunningly beautiful. I was quite memerised by its beauty when i saw it in the treasury on etsy "Frozen Tears" tonight:

This GORGEOUS necklace is available from:

Im not usually one for glitz and glitter, but this treasury stole my heart 8-)

... as blessings rain down on another flock

Yesterday my favourite little (alpaca) girl was featured in our Tasmanian Newspaper (Page 7 for you local readers). She was the little premature one that i fed with a gastric tube for a long time and I was told she would not live (by the vets - three times!). I fed her for 6 months, the first 2 months were hourly feeds NIGHT and DAY! (it nearly killed me! - I have a document that I wrote regarding this that was published in The Australian Alpaca Association Newsletter if anyone is interested in hearing more about her journey - its a pdf and I would be happy to email it to you on request) My dear friend Irene (85 years young and still brilliantly busy with life) had taken her to "blessing of the Animals" at a nearby church (she popped her in her little van and off they go to little outings together - its lovely!) and she was very well recieved!

Funny how the newspapers just take things for granted .... They printed that she was owned by my friend that took her! (bit peeved at that considering she was such hard work when she was born and i would have liked to be recognised as a stud by this feature). Her full name wasnt even used .. but there you go - you never can trust the media!?!?

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Wander over to Lu's lovely blog to check out the terrific feature she has done on Berrylicious Buttons ...pssssst! there is also a Berrylicious giveaway!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

WEEKEND SALE!! shop! shop!

****This weekend I will be participating in Etsy's Weekend Deals. Lots of my lovely DUST team members are also involved in this great sale, so make sure you have a great weekend of shopping up big!
I am offering 10% off your entire order - excluding shipping
across the weekend September 25-27th

*Please include the code 'WEEKEND DEALS' in the message to seller during checkout, and discount will be given as a refund through PayPal


Make your own Snow Dome

I just LOVE babushka dolls at the moment - isnt she just so lovely?

When I was little I used to love the Christmas snow domes, and wanted my mother to leave them out all year long. Little "J" seems to have inhereited the same love for snowdomes that I have, so I went searching on how to make your own. I thought little handmade fimo characters would be terrific as the ornaments, or even some olf christmas decorations that you no longer hang.

I thought I would share this lovely craft with you all, as I am sure your children (and you!) would love to make some too:

Clear Glass Jar with a tight lid (pickle, pimento, jelly, baby food)
Small Waterproof Ornaments,
Figures or Decorations
Distilled Water or Water that has been boiled and cooled
Clear Silicone Sealant (Aquarium Sealant) or Florist Clay
Egg Shells (not sure if the egg shells would discolour the water so that would be a trial) or Foil Confetti
Glitter (I might try sequins)
Glycerin or Mineral Oil
Optional: Plastic Lid to fit inside the jar’s lid,
Circle of Fabric, Ribbon or Lace

1. Choose a Clean Dry Glass Jar - A baby food jar is perfect for a small kids craft, pimento jars have a unique ball shape, and pickle jars are large enough to allow you to add several elements to your scene. Just fit your jar to your desired final effect. Remove any labels and food residue.

2. Plan your Snow Globe Scene - Search your sewing kit and home craft supplies for materials and inspiration. You can make people, animals, trees - you name it - from craft foam. Sewing findings are a great source of small decorations too. Also consider miniatures at the craft or hobby store. Remember to shop the day after a holiday for lots of discounted items!

3. Secure the Figures and Decorations inside the jar lid with silicone sealant or florist clay. In order to elevate the scene so it is in clear view, glue a plastic lid inside the jar lid or build up the area with a little extra florist clay. Be sure to leave the edges clear so you have room to screw on the lid. Set aside to dry.

4. Prepare Your "Snow" using the shell from a hardboiled egg. Separate the shell from the membrane, place in a sturdy ziploc bag, and crush with a rolling pin. Finer particles will fall more slowly in the snow globe and have a more pleasing effect. However, avoid crushing eggshell into a powder as it will simply float in the water instead of falling gently.
Depending upon your theme, you can change your "snow" to go along with it. Try themed confetti available at craft stores to add an interesting element to your creation. If you’re doing a Halloween or Thanksgiving scene, look for foil leaf confetti in fall colors. For Easter you can use foil flower confetti. For a sports theme, use glitter in your favorite team’s colors. The possibilities are endless and ensure that you are creating a one-of-a-kind snow globe!

5. Fill the Snow Globe - When you are pleased with your snow globe scene, fill the jar with distilled water, leaving a little space at the top to accommodate the figures. Add several drops of glycerin to keep the snow suspended and floating properly. Mineral oil or baby oil can also be used in place of the water and glycerin.

6. Add Snow and Glitter - When adding eggshells, make sure you have enough to cover the lid once it has settled to the bottom. Use silver glitter along with the egg shells to make shimmery snow - use one teaspoon of glitter for every inch of water. If you’re adventurous, experiment with different effects. Use a drop or two of colored lamp oil to create a swirling effect. Add food coloring to the water or use different colored glitters.
Close the jar tightly and shake your snow globe. Observe how the snow falls and the overall look. Tweak till you get the desired effect by adding a little more snow, glitter or confetti.

7. Seal the Dome - When you’re sure the figures and scenery are arranged to your satisfaction, and the snow to water ratio looks good, add a bead of silicone sealant around the threads of the lid and close tightly.

8. Add Final Touches - For a more decorative and finished look, cut a circle of pretty fabric a little larger than the jar lid. Secure to the lid with an elastic band. Hot glue a piece of ribbon or lace over the elastic band.
You'll be proud to display and enjoy your original winter crafts snow globe creation.
Have fun making snowdomes! If you make some, send me some pics! I would love to see what you make!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CHRISTMAS!!! CHRISTMAS !!! CHRISTMAS!!! there I said it!

I know its a horrid word to say this early in the year, but i have been working towards getting my Christmas stock ready for Berrylicious Buttons, and it has put me in a festive mood early! I can honestly say I have never been this organise for the festive season. But this year I am really looking forward to it!
I am usually one of those people that cringe when they see all the Christmassy things going up in the shops, but i have to admit if I dont start getting Berrylicious Buttons ready for the Christmas rush now, I will probably miss it! .. so I have been working on some nice new Christmassy stock for the shop.
My hair clips and hair ties in the "Tinned Delights" range have taken right off and i have been busy making lots of those (FAB for Christmas stocking stuffers or quick gifts for school friends!), along with some Christmas gift tags. I am also making some little felt Christmas decorations, and they will become available soon. There will also be some lovely handmade delights that I will be working on over the upcoming weeks.
I think my new PageMarkers would be fabulous gifts for childrens teachers .. but HURRY! for those, limited stock is available.

I have put a special section in my shop called "The Christmas Shoppe" which will house the Christmas gift tags, decorations and all things Christmassy .. although all my lovely Berrylicious Delights will be lovely well received gifts.

All my orders will be gift wrapped free of charge for Christmas gift giving! (please message me on what items you would like wrapped separately for this service)

.. Tis the season to be Berrylicious, tra la la la la laa laa la la ....

Monday, September 21, 2009

NEW! Berrylicious PageMarkers

Ive been meaning to make these gorgeous fabric covered button bookmarks for a while, and finally got around to it! They are super cute, and come prettily packaged in a neat little match style inspired packet - just ready for gift giving (or a special treat for yourself!)

I have made the first ones in the Babushka and Cupcake range, which I simply adore at the moment. I think its cute to be able to buy a couple of things in a range to co ordinate gits together as well.

I can make these in any of the delightful designs I have in my "Tinned Delights" range if you prefer any of those designs. I can imagine these would be the perfect gift for "Teachers Christmas Gifts" and great for that quick and easy present. I am sure they would delight most people. Great for bookmarks, cookbook markers, paper organisers, shopping list holders and I love using them to keep my accounts in order.

They are made from a super heavy duty paper clips, and the backs look really neat and tidy:

I only have a limited amount of these nice clips available! So, HURRY! Stocks are limited and are AVAILABLE NOW:

Introducing Berrylicious Headwraps | Headbands

I have just made a new range Super cute headwraps! these are great headbands for the little toddlers that may be too young for clips and pony tail elastics. They have a nice non slip backing to them. I have made a few in the Babushka, cupcakes and this nice black and pink Kitty style for starters. They would also suit little ladies and of course the young at heart! They are presented in my neat little Berrylicious Gift Tins!

The headbands would be terrific stocking stuffers for Christmas (yes, sorry!! been thinking of Christmas lately and making lots of things ready for the rush, ready to stock up my shop!)

HURRY! these will be a limited edition release for a short time only. AVAILABLE NOW INSTORE!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

mmm.. decisions decisions

Today I made these sweet little cupcake hair clips for a little friend for her 6th birthday.

Im totally head over heels for cupcakes at the moment and I think these type of clips are so much easier for "little ladies" than elastics. Now the only decision is do I make some for my shop?? (I already have elastics in my tinned delights range and think clips will be a nice addition, but I am also aware that quiet a few other people are doing covered buttons on clips and dont want to tread on anyones toes)

The buttons are handmade and handsewn covered buttons made with quality Japanese fabric, and then using a little embroidery thread in a similar colour I have handsewn the buttons onto the clips (is there an easier and neater way??)

What do you all think? will I or wont I? (oooh! they are sooo adorable!)
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NEW! Snuggleberries

Meet Charlie Stumbleweed, Binkys brother. Moonbeam Gloweave (Super cool rock star and lead singer of "The Licorice Allsorts" in Snippetsville) and Lavender Hibiscusleaf ..

Check out their cute and unique stories instore:


PLEASE check out this gorgeous feature + giveaway Celeste from ETSY IT UP!
has done about Berrylicious Buttons:

YES! it includes a fab GIVEAWAY from Berrylicious Buttons!
(dont forget to enter!) It is certainly worth winning~!

Monday, September 7, 2009

POSTCARDS from Cosmic Planets

Today I finished making my "trial" COSMOnaut, what do you think??

He's super cool and cosmic! and just the right size for little hands to hang onto and snuggle. COSMIC cosmonaut and his pals will be available in store soon!
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FEATURING: Gone Rustic

Ive been meaning to tell you all about Rita from GONE RUSTIC for a while. I first met Rita when she purchased a wholesale order of my lovely Oh la la hairsets. She is such a lovely person to deal with and her work is just so stunning.

Rita owns "Gone Rustic" the gallery in St Marys, Tasmania. Pictured above are some of her beautiful works of art. I particularly love her wallhangings. They are beautiful, original and I find them a little mesmerizing! I recently saw one of her gorgeous works at the Hobart Quilt and Craft Fair, where Rita had won a "first" in the quilt exhibition. I stood there stunned at this gorgeous wallhanging for a long, long time before realizing it was one of Ritas gorgeous pieces.

To take a better look at Rita, Gone Rustic and what she does go to:
For those of you in the state (Tasmania, Australia) Rita is running a ELEMENTS EXHIBITION of mixed media art on the 5- 23rd of October. Please see for more information

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

And the Winner is ....

Posted by Picasa CONGRATULATIONS: Our lucky winner of the FLOWERING TREE BOTANICALS $10 SHOPPING SPREE IS: Veri-Tea!
Enjoy spending this lovely voucher! I am almost green!
*Please contact Layla at Flowering Tree Botanicals for your voucher. Voucher must be used prior to 6th October 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DeJa Vu and the Ultimate Treat!

My mother popped around this morning and brought with her the ultimate treat!
She brought her vintage button tin with her for me to fossick through. While I was sifting through all the lovely buttons so many childhood memories came back to me.
Many of the buttons had been in my mothers button tin when I was young and used to play with her buttons way back then! (not much has changed in that regard!) .. many of the buttons were no doubt fashionable back in the 70's and some had Australian Army imprinted into them. I wonder where they have travelled?
There were also some lovely little "bobble" buttons that would be quant little noses or eyes for my new Snuggleberry characters, and some lovely little yellow flower shaped ones!
These lovely little buttons used to be "treasures" to me when I was young, creating bits and bobs with them at our kitchen table. Many a dolls dress made with them .. funny, nearly 30 years later and I am still doing the same thing with the same tin of buttons!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Berry Nice Treasury!

Take a look at this gorgeous Treasury of all things Berry Nice!

Of course it is extra special, as the lovely Maddo has featured me! ... and all the items in this berry nice Treasury are from DUST team members - Thank you Maddo 8-)

OOOhhhh ...Beautiful Ribbons Galore

My dear friend Luisa popped around for a nice cup of T recently and we got chatting about supplies. Lu has a gorgeous etsy shop called DanceInMyGarden and makes the most beautifully made bib and washie sets along with bunting, Dilly Bags and so much more!(
Lu told me about Ribbons Galore .. and I was soooo impressed I wanted to share this lovely online shop with you.

Ribbons Galore have the most beautiful ribbons that I have EVER seen! take a look at these:

They also offer you some great ideas on how to use their fantastic ribbons on their site:

Pretty Pre-Wedding Gift (custom order)

A little while ago I made one of my mini memory quilts as a custom order for a pre wedding gift for a couple in Ireland. The lovely couple that it was made for have given me the ok to "show the world" (I take privacy very seriously so when I make a custom order, if it contains names and photos etc I will not disclose the item without approval) .. so here it is!

Complete with a photo of the happy couple on fabric in sepia tones, wedding vowels and their names. This little memory quilt was backed with magnets at the customers request. The edging and backing were made with glittery fabric to complete the wedding theme!

To order your own memory quilt please click here: