Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spring has SPRUNG! at Berrylicious + Free Giveaway Competition

I have been working on some new Berrylicious Flowers today to encourage spring to arrive! They look gorgeous all together in their Berry inspired colours, and now i am wondering what i should make them into ...

TO ENTER: Please cast your vote + follow my blog:
Magnets ?
Brooches ?
Hair Clips ?
or just to leave the backs plain to let who ever purchases them into anything they want
(ie to sew on a scarf or hat, cushion, scrapbooking or to make them into what ever they feel they would dazzle up) ?
I was planning on magnets, but i am keen to hear what everyone thinks they would like them as?.. maybe you have a new idea that I have not thought of ? .. Cast your vote to win!
Competiton will be drawn 14th August - HURRY! to cast your vote by leaving your choice in the comments on this post.
(Winner will be announced here on the 15th Aug)


Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

They are too cute! I vote for Hairclips (I guess as long as the diameter isn't too wide?)

deborah gibson said...

I would leave them in a packet for whatever. I would use them to sew onto my plain headbands to jazz them up, and for scrapbooking they would be perfect for a new page im doing in my album.

Berrylicious Buttons said...

The diametre of the flowers are about 2.5" across Lu

..and Deb. yes the headbands would be very cute!

mary said...


Veri-Tea said...

I would love those to be made into brooches, definitely!

Sunweeds Secret Garden said...

I think they would look great decorating a Christmas tree, I love the colours