Sunday, August 30, 2009

Delilah Peppersnout

After showing Binky Stumbleweed to the world the other day, I received a custom order for one of my new little softies in pink .. Please welcome "Delilah Peppersnout!" She is made with nice fluffy polar fleece and finished with some beautiful fashionable locks!
.. Each softie I make will be orginal with its own unique name! .. I wanted to share her with you as she will not be listed on my shop and I am just so fond of her!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

Yesterday Joshua lost a tooth and normally he puts it under his pillow for the tooth fairy to visit. Its been a while since he has lost one as he is 11 now, so this tooth was rather impressive to him! At bed time I asked him where his tooth was and he said "Im going to hide it, because I want to keep this one. I will leave it out for the Tooth Fairy tomorrow night after I have showed all my friends at school tomorrow" I proceeded to tell him that the Tooth Fairy doesnt make deals to my knowledge and that if it wasnt left out tonight, I am sure that it would be unlikely that she would return for it.

When I went to find his tooth after he was sound asleep, I found a little note he had written to the Tooth Fairy! It was sooooo cute it made me melt, and I just wanted to share it with you:

Dear Tooth Fairy, I want to show my friends my tooth and put it under my pillow tomorrow If you dont get the money for it take it, its under my patch in this pillow. p.s. can you plz right underneath just so i know if you took it or not p.s.s. I did not mean to be greedy or rude
love Joshua

Thursday, August 27, 2009


For all of you lovelies that like to see a sneak peak of new and upcoming products, here is a special treat! I have had my tinned delights in the woodwork for a while. I found it very difficult to find just the right tins, but I am delighted with the end result - I am hoping you are too!

I have just ordered some gorgeous Japanese fabrics in little cupcake and russian doll prints (along with a bundle of other cute deigns) and will be eager to start making some really cute little tinned delights with those when they arrive. I find it very difficult to find nice prints in pure cotton that have little pictures small enough to fit on the 23mm buttons I use, so I was delighted to find some of these nice little prints today.

This gorgeous "ROSE" set (pictured above top) is the first set to be made in my new "tinned delights range" and will become available shortly. I hope to offer a huge selection of colour choices for both young and the young at heart... what are your favourite colours at the moment?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Introducing .. Binky Stumbleweed

I set about to make some of my litttle dream characters today, and came up with this little fellow "Binky Stumbleweed", bit of a serious looking fellow isnt he?

Although he needs a little bit of polishing here and there, I am quite happy with the outcome .. what do you think?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PSSSSSTTTTTT!!! Theres a secret I want to tell you!

Last night I had the strangest dream! I had some lovely little bright coloured characters running around doing wierd and wacky things in my house! giggling and playing hide and seek!

As a result, I have decided to make some little cute soft cuddlies that represent these friendly little characters! .... stay tuned for futher details!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happiness is Bright Fabrics!

After alot of spring fever in my house last week, I decided to clean out my work studio and get organised a little better. I am the type of person that needs to have a a clean, tidy and organised work area to have a clear head for designing new products and thought I would have a spruce up of my studio work room.
I came across some lovely bright fabrics that I purchased some time ago for a large single quilt, and decided I had better start using them to enjoy them. At this point I am not sure of whether it will be a quilt for Joshua or an item for my shop!
When I quilt, I always spend most of my time designing what blocks to make and put together, and what the features will be. I very rarely use pre made patterns as I like to design the quilts myself and make them original. .. so with this fun bubbly fabric I decided to be a bit random - cut, sew and put it together!.
I just love the little alien print .. its so happy and fun! Arent the colours just so fun and delightful?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flowering Tree Botanicals Feature + Giveaway

Remember when I was looking for a nice gift for my mother in law recently? I ran into Layla from Flowering Tree Botanicals on etsy: and decided to place an order with her to see what her products were like... they look good enough to eat! .. well, my order arrived last week and i was delighted! (although they looked so good Lola my mother in law pinched one of mine to add to her birthday present I had already given her!)

Layla makes gorgeous soaps, bath bombs and beauty products. I ordered a few different soaps (my favourite being the coconut ice soap, but i also adore the shower steam discs!)

"Flowering Tree Botanicals carries over 600 delicious herbs and spices, fragrant teas and all natural bath and beauty products to soothe and relax your body and soul. We have over 100 varieties of fizzing bath bombs in stock! "

What I particularly like about Layla's shop is the fact that Flowering Tree botanicals is proud to donate a healthy portion of every purchase to It's Meow or Never Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organization. The products are never tested on animals ... only happy humans!"

As a special bonus to my blog readers Layla has offered a $10 shopping spree to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter this competition please:

1. Follow this blog

2. Write your answer to this question on the comments section here on this post - what is your favourite product and why in Layla's etsy shop

3. Extra points are added to your entry for those that follow both Berrylicious Buttons and Layla on face book or Laylas blog - here are the links:
The lovely $10 spree will be drawn on 5th September and will be announced here on my blog. You have to be in it to win it, so make sure you put your entry in!

*For those of you that are fascinated by the world of the Twilight Series, Layla makes a range of Twilight inspired products too! check them out at her etsy shop!

A little Note for those that love freebies (and beautiful art):

I just love original art and came across CindyDouglass recently on etsy. Pictured above is one of Cindys gorgeous works of art: Fireworks04 Over Water Oil Painting

Cindy dropped me a message throught the week to pass on to my freinds that she is running a giveaway at the moment. For those interested here is her message:

"It appears your blog is really taking off! Congratulations! It looks great. Just thought I'd let you know that I will be giving away a free custom ACEO (playing card sized art) of the winner's choice when I receive 250 fans to this page: purchase necessary by anyone. Just become a fan of my artwork. Easy, huh? I'd greatly appreciate if you would post this in your freebies/giveaway section. "

.. no probs, Cindy - DONE!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Thank you to all the great entries in my quick comp this week!

You have all offered terrific ideas.. I particularly like Sunweeds Secret Gardens idea about christmas decorations (BTW I simply love your beautiful creations and love having you on pop in to my little blog .. i did not realise how similar our things were until i looked at your blog tonight!)
..but ... (drum roll) .. the winner is: DEBORAH GIBSON! your suggestion of leaving them to use for mulitple uses has prompted me to make a variety of things with them rather than just one! (they are just too cute to be restricted!!!) *Deb, please contact me within 14 days with your mailing address to claim your prize!

Scrumptious Gift Tags, Journaling Tags, Customer Tags ...

My new gift tags are berry scrumptious!
Available NOW! Each set comes with 24 gift tags the neat little ring clip and fabric or ribbon bow that is pictured. These lovely gift cards are made from thick good quality designer cardstock. Some of these delightful tags have pretty embossed glitter and they each measure 11.5cm x 5.8cm with a pretty scallop top. Each tag has a clean white backing that is ideal for that personal message or journal note.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dreamin' of the 60's and the Whole Flower Power Experience ...

Pictured Above: Lets GO! Calypso, Berry Delicious, Woodland Wonder ..... See my previous post on how to win one of these gorgeous flowers!

I think all these flowers I am making today are a combination of wishing for the cold wintery days to be gone (bring on Summer!) and listening to the Damien Leith CD "Catch the Wind" while I am working!

Its very much like listening to John Denver and I *blush* admit that I would have loved to be around in the 60's when all things were flowers and beautiful!

Spring has SPRUNG! at Berrylicious + Free Giveaway Competition

I have been working on some new Berrylicious Flowers today to encourage spring to arrive! They look gorgeous all together in their Berry inspired colours, and now i am wondering what i should make them into ...

TO ENTER: Please cast your vote + follow my blog:
Magnets ?
Brooches ?
Hair Clips ?
or just to leave the backs plain to let who ever purchases them into anything they want
(ie to sew on a scarf or hat, cushion, scrapbooking or to make them into what ever they feel they would dazzle up) ?
I was planning on magnets, but i am keen to hear what everyone thinks they would like them as?.. maybe you have a new idea that I have not thought of ? .. Cast your vote to win!
Competiton will be drawn 14th August - HURRY! to cast your vote by leaving your choice in the comments on this post.
(Winner will be announced here on the 15th Aug)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Inner Earth Soaps Giveaway

Remember back in July I featured Inner Earth Soaps from Bondi?
Well.... Erin is doing a amazing giveaway on her blog at the moment and I thought you all may be interested! .. simply to good to be true!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Featuring: Elly Nelly

A few weeks ago, i was wandering around etsy relishing in all the gorgeous wares and discovered "Elly Nelly" and their beautiful wall graphics. I absolutely love Elly Nellys lovely designs - I think they are classic and beautiful and often find myself wandering around my home imagining what i can put where, and thought i would share their wonderful talent with you all:

I particularly like Maurice Monkey (pictured above) .. he is soooo cheeky and mischievious I have to admit I have fallen in love with him! The opening blurb in Elly Nellys etsy shop sums up exactly what i think is so wonderful about their gorgeous wall graphics:
Beautiful and fun images created for you by designers who want to enable you to quickly & inexpensively transform any room into a happy and artistic space. These designs are easily applied and look great on walls, windows, mirrors, fridges, tiles, ceilings, bathrooms, toilets. Any smooth clean surface is suitable! No need to knock holes in walls, these artworks are self-adhesive yet removable (not reusable) when you are ready for a change and a new graphic! With our great choice of designs you will have no excuse, you can create without picking up a paintbrush.You're in control. That plain wall, that ordinary mirror can become a feature in next to no time! And once you've seen for yourself how clever you can be you'll be back for more of our constantly evolving collection.
Elly Nelly is a mother and daughter team, Elaine & Nell Oliver. Elaine lives in Cairns, Australia, while Nell is based in New York City, USA. They are both textile designers with an intense interest in patten. With their own unique creative approach to design they were inspired to set up their own studio. Their aim is to produce a creative range of designs using different mediums. Wall graphics were the first to be developed and the complete range can be seen here at
They now have a range of prints available
A fusion of hand illustration and stylized modern graphics bring the Elly Nelly series alive. From simple organic and nature inspired designs to delicate prints and patterns of all kinds, Elly Nelly hope you love and enjoy their designs as much as they love and enjoy creating them.
(pictured above) Meadow Study One - PRINT by ellynelly

Saturday, August 8, 2009

TableScapesCompany Competition Winner Announcement!

Hello all ... Thank you to all the fantastic entries in our first (of many to come) competition - all the entries were very good and it was hard to choose a winner from those submitted. Our lucky winner of the beautiful Fabric Napkin Set from Heather at TableScapesCompany is Emily Gale, here is her fantastic entry:

"A paper napkin is like a one-night stand: fun and convenient at the time, but grubby and used the next day. Cloth sticks around. Cloth wants to know what you’re having for dinner the next day, and the next. Paper = commitment-phobe. Cloth = true love"

Note to Emily: to claim your prize, please make contact with Berrylicious Buttons at: providing your shipping address for Heather to send your lovely prize to you! * Contact must be made within 14 days or the prize will go back up for grabs!
This is the gorgeous prize that Emily has won! We hope you enjoy your prize Emily, and make sure you show off your lovely napkins to all your friends!

For all those that are admiring Emilys lovely prize, please visit TableScrapesCompany at for your own fantastic fabric napkins to cherish.

A special thankyou to Heather at TableScapesCompany for offering this wonderful prize. I would also like to thank all those that entered, please keep entering our competitions, your entries were all fantastic! - luck may be on your side for our next great competition! x

Friday, August 7, 2009

Reflections on childhood treasures

I have spent the evening both trying to come to a conclusion on who our winner is for the Fabric Napkin Competition brought to you by Berrylicious Buttons and TableScapesCompany and sewing Joshua's dearly beloved PigWigs ears back together - what a combination!

As i sat sewing PigWigs poor worn out ears back together as best i could, i wondered how it is a child chooses his or her favourite childhood toy? Is it like a love at first sight type thing or a soul mate situation? Or is it nothing in particular that draws the two together? and what of those children that never have such a toy, such a treasure? who do they confide their deepest darkest secrets with and snuggle into of a night when the dark looks eery in bed?

It is bizarre that Joshua had some lovely teddys and other gorgeous toys given to him when he was young by family members and friends but none took his fancy in the slightest, until one day (at 6mths of age) my sister Deb met us in the city for a cup of coffee and gave Josh PigWig .. I remember his gleeming eyes as he grabbed him with his chubby little baby fingers and has not let him go since! (Josh is now 11!)

... PigWig is a funny old character, he is sewn together to resemble Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, but to us he has become someone entirely different - a family member even! I remember buying a "reserve" piggy for the time we thought we had lost him (and found him deep in the depths of Joshies bed later that day after turning the house upside down 10 times over looking for him) and i must admit even i could tell he wasnt PigWig. PigWig ("Piggy" on his affectionate days) has gone on road trips, interstate holidays, to the supermarket, to the hospital, to the market, off on adventures all over the place, he has been lost and found numerous times and he has even had a bounce or two on the trampoline over the years ..but i am sure nothing could have prepared him for the Grade 5 camp!! (poor PigWig was hidden in the dark depths of Joshies sleeping bag hiding from the horrid tortures of boys that may like to ridicule him entirely!).

[Josh drew this little card for me about 18 mths ago to give me courage when i am sick. I have had a particularly bad week pain wise this week so it is ironic that i have written about this tonight .. he said piggy gives him courage and he will give me courage too! I use this little picture for my profile picture on facebook and it reminds me of the courage Joshua gives me to to trudge on, on a daily basis - come what may Piggy is there to give us all courage!]

PigWig has become threadbare and resembles a colour that isnt quite pink anymore regardless of the amount of washing you give him... but yet, it does not surprise me that he is still tucked perfectly under Joshuas chin sound asleep as i write this x

(our competition winner will be announced tomorrow morning!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Introducing Little Treasures .. ..

"Latte Cupcake" Little Treasure

"VanillaStrawberrySwirl Cupcake" Little Treasure

"Strawberry Lemon Cupcake" Little Treasure

Today I have made some lovely new hair clips in a new range I am calling "Little Treasures" ... Little Treasures is a new range that I am now working on progressively that will be bright, fun and a little naive! "Little Treasures" may mean a variety of things, it could be a treasured clip, a precious gift for a little treasure, or a treasure that will keep your childhood alive (it could also mean lots of other things to you of course!). I have called the fabric flower Little Treasures "Cupcakes" .. i think they simply look sweet enough to eat!

Pictured Above: Crochet Layer Cotton Flower Little Treasure, Cotton and Button Little Treasure, LATTE Cupcake Little Treasure, and Mohair Magic Little Treasure

I sure hope you all like them as much as I do!