Sunday, July 12, 2009

Phew .. a sunday and no work!

Well... it has been a nice change just doing some family things today. It has been a while since i have had a "lazy" Sunday!
Berrylicious is doing nicely and i am happy with the way it is going so far. I have completed some really nice custom orders and last week made a whopping 20 pony tail holder sets with printed logos for House of Dance (Tas) .. they were all handsewn because the logos needed to be centred on each of the 60 buttons... a huge job but very rewarding to see the end result.
It has become very cold here and i think perhaps the coldest winter i have know for some time. The chooks are loving being outside all day fosiking in the garden for nice little grubs and worms.
I discovered that we have a "resident" bunny in the vegetable garden today. I feel a little like Mr McGregor and scatting him away everytime i see him, but i feel there must not be too much to eat for him elsewhere at the moment, as he continues to risk his life to put his little nose back in my garden and doesnt bother too much when he sees me now. He has thoroughly enjoyed all my little carrots and taken the top clean off my silverbeet. ... oh well... at least he is not hungry!

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