Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today has been wonderful - I have spent a truly lovely day with my little one that i can hardly believe turned eleven years old today. It only seems like yesterday that he was born, and although I am happy he is maturing and turning into a responsible and sensitive young man i cannot help but feel sadness that he is no longer a baby and alot of the innocence of childhood are no longer there.

This year we had a very low key event and it almost seemed strange not to be catering for hords of children and making the usual party food fare.

This year his presents were different than usual and i wanted to test the waters on how he accepts both child like gifts and mature presents. I was very rapt to be one of the lucky people to have managed to purchase a lovely rabbit called Roger from Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits i in the UK. He is so well made and a true delight. I have had this gift tucked away for a little time and i was delighted to see the sheer glee in Joshuas eyes when he opened him. He has taken him to bed now and tucked him under his chin. It is lovely to see that he still has such innocence - being a eleven year old boy these days seems to not allow innocence by others.

The other was a handmade journal (pictured above) from a lady in the US called Bindingbee . Her work is very unusual .. but very much the type of thing that i had in mind when i set out on the journey of finding "just the right" journal for Josh. I hope that this book becomes very much his personal space of freedom and somewhere he may be able to loose himself in. Its a lovely leather covered handmade book with handmade paper and Meg glued in some old envelopes for his special bits and bobs to be put in, together with some photo corners and some other treasures. I am hoping this book becomes something he can reflect back on to as he grows. If it seems fit i may even write some little things into it for him to read to lift his spirits after i am gone for times he feels lonely or abandoned or perhaps words that i would have liked to say to him at the time when his first child is born, or the day he may be married or what have you. We will see where this goes and will work together under Josh's direction for what this is to become. It is quite the "merlin" book with an old handstitched rusted washer on the cover and an antique key hanging as a book marker. The message in the insode of the cover reads "This is the key to your mothers heart, the key that only you will ever hold"

Tomorrow is a new day, we will see what it brings.


trusk4u said...

What a wonderful story! I know how you feel abbout them growing up too. My "baby" son will be 29 in a few months and is now engaged! We have certainly moved into a new phase of life. But that's a good thing!

Lulu said...

I love that rabbit, it looks lovely. And I agree about kids growing up too fast. The longer they hang on to that innocence, the better in my book.