Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What a LOVELY surprise!

Today I woke up to a lovely surprise email from missymaomao ...
Missy awarded me ....

"The Kreativ Blog Award"
(Ohhh! what a lovely surprise .. thank you so much!)

It is kind of an old fashioned chain letter, and although I am one of these people that never look at spam emails or pass on those horrid things that tell you to send them to 7 friends or something dreadful will happen to you (%$#@*&) .... I dont want to be a spoil sport and will carry this lovely award on with all sincerety!

Missymaomao puts it beautufully: "The lovely thing about this award is that it continues to grow and grow like the branches of a tree"

To keep it growing, I have to follow the 7 rules:
1 Copy the pretty picture and post it on your blog
2 Thank the person that gave it to you and link to their blog
3 Write 7 things about yourself that we dont know
4 Choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to
5 Link to those 7 other bloggers
6 Notify your 7 bloggers

mmm. now for the 7 things that you may not know about me .... (*thinking* *thinking* mmmm brain freeeze!)

1) I am a wwoof host for backpackers from all over the world and LOVE it!
2) I am a single mum that has terminal cancer (I was given 12 mths to live and that was 2.5 years ago!)
3) I own a rural property on 6 acres and breed alpacas (if only i had the time to watch the chickens play!)
4) I grow organic fruit and vegetables to supply our local community
5) I own a full size machine quilting frame (double) for quilt stippling but sadly never get the time to use it! 8-(
6) I absolutely loved the Twilight Series (novels by Stephenie Meyer *blush*) and my favourite author is Paullina Simons
7) I became interested in making pretty hair accessories after I lost all my hair from cancer treatments. Loosing my hair was like loosing my identity - and making other people feel pretty and happy was something that soothed my soul. This was one of the reasons I started Berrylicious Buttons .. originally, it was only meant to be a creative outlet for me until people started asking me to sell them some of my button creations!

.. ok.. boring i know, but hey! I hate talking about myself!

HERE ARE MY KREATIV BLOG AWARD WINNERS (in no particular order):

For being a lovely creative person and great friend

For creating some beautiful simple designs that are stunning

For the scrumptious soaps that she creates that are so luxurious to use!

For being the first person I admired on etsy, and for the absoultely gorgeous little characters she makes

For creating fantastic orignal works of art, and for being someone that helped me and inspired me sooooo much when I was new to the wonderful world of etsy ... thank you for all the great, valuable information that you were happy to pass on and share! I appreciated your advice so much!

For creating beautiful classy vintage and retro inspired boutique quality products (with packaging that is just as gorgeous as the products!)

For your gorgeous fabrics and lovely cheerful messages that put a smile on my face!

It was very hard to choose who to send the award on to, choosing from so many talented people was very difficult .. so please drop on over and see what these lovely people make and do! (and who they pass it on to!)


Missymaomao said...

I love to know all those things about you.
Such a busy person. I can't wait to check all those blogs out. When I first got my award I thought oh gosh, gee, that's nice but now I have to do the right thing and participate. But do you know what, I've really enjoyed all the links and blogs.
It is hard to pick which blogs to award but if it goes around long enough we will all have a go.

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

Thank you so much...very touched.

Red Fish Circle said...

Thanks so much for your kind words.

julie said...

thanks so much for passing on the award to me Susan and for the lovely mention, J x

Berrylicious Buttons said...

You are all very welcome and very worthy! 8-) Thank you for being such wonderful people and inspiring me as you all do!

innerearthsoaps said...

Thanks for the lovely blog, and for sharing a bit of your self with us. x