Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting Organised ..

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Today was great in so many ways, i finally feel as though i have achieved something! .. although i have been UNBELIEVABLY busy over the last few weeks, it is all coming together so well! I just wished i had more time in the day!

I have been anxiously waiting on quite a few supply orders to arrive and received some today! (its like christmas morning most days at my home at the moment when the post man arrives!). I have been asked by many for childrens hair clips, and I have some really cute and pretty ideas for some childrens hair accessories to compliment my current ranges... so watch out for those! (*if you would like to be contacted when they are released please contact me on the email:

What else is new? I am also curently working on some little gift cards, and tags to add to my shop! I have a real obsession with pretty papers and cupcakes at the moment and thought there is no better way to show them off than in a new range of cards. I am also making some super large paperclip bookmarks which are gorgeous!

I have also been madly trying to arrange some new packaging materials (days and days of measuring, annoying friends with asking their opinions, visiting a million and one online shops across the word, measuring some more, asking EVERYONE a million times of what they like out of the choices, measuring some more, asking some more .... and PHEW! yes! i placed an order!!! - *all my friends and family now sigh with relief!*)

.... and I cant wait to put this into place! It is sure to make my range look more professional and chic, and will be applying this to an exclusive range .. I am my own worse enemy and keep trying to perfect everything! (that is until i come up with a better idea!) I think great packaging really makes or breaks a product, and as a designer I am so obsessed with the way my products look, so I am hoping that my recent purchase will really make mine look fab! (ooooh!!! all soooo secretive!!!)

What do you think of my newly listed Oh la la Hair Accessories (pictured above - more instore on etsy) ... comments?

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