Sunday, August 9, 2009

Featuring: Elly Nelly

A few weeks ago, i was wandering around etsy relishing in all the gorgeous wares and discovered "Elly Nelly" and their beautiful wall graphics. I absolutely love Elly Nellys lovely designs - I think they are classic and beautiful and often find myself wandering around my home imagining what i can put where, and thought i would share their wonderful talent with you all:

I particularly like Maurice Monkey (pictured above) .. he is soooo cheeky and mischievious I have to admit I have fallen in love with him! The opening blurb in Elly Nellys etsy shop sums up exactly what i think is so wonderful about their gorgeous wall graphics:
Beautiful and fun images created for you by designers who want to enable you to quickly & inexpensively transform any room into a happy and artistic space. These designs are easily applied and look great on walls, windows, mirrors, fridges, tiles, ceilings, bathrooms, toilets. Any smooth clean surface is suitable! No need to knock holes in walls, these artworks are self-adhesive yet removable (not reusable) when you are ready for a change and a new graphic! With our great choice of designs you will have no excuse, you can create without picking up a paintbrush.You're in control. That plain wall, that ordinary mirror can become a feature in next to no time! And once you've seen for yourself how clever you can be you'll be back for more of our constantly evolving collection.
Elly Nelly is a mother and daughter team, Elaine & Nell Oliver. Elaine lives in Cairns, Australia, while Nell is based in New York City, USA. They are both textile designers with an intense interest in patten. With their own unique creative approach to design they were inspired to set up their own studio. Their aim is to produce a creative range of designs using different mediums. Wall graphics were the first to be developed and the complete range can be seen here at
They now have a range of prints available
A fusion of hand illustration and stylized modern graphics bring the Elly Nelly series alive. From simple organic and nature inspired designs to delicate prints and patterns of all kinds, Elly Nelly hope you love and enjoy their designs as much as they love and enjoy creating them.
(pictured above) Meadow Study One - PRINT by ellynelly

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