Friday, August 7, 2009

Reflections on childhood treasures

I have spent the evening both trying to come to a conclusion on who our winner is for the Fabric Napkin Competition brought to you by Berrylicious Buttons and TableScapesCompany and sewing Joshua's dearly beloved PigWigs ears back together - what a combination!

As i sat sewing PigWigs poor worn out ears back together as best i could, i wondered how it is a child chooses his or her favourite childhood toy? Is it like a love at first sight type thing or a soul mate situation? Or is it nothing in particular that draws the two together? and what of those children that never have such a toy, such a treasure? who do they confide their deepest darkest secrets with and snuggle into of a night when the dark looks eery in bed?

It is bizarre that Joshua had some lovely teddys and other gorgeous toys given to him when he was young by family members and friends but none took his fancy in the slightest, until one day (at 6mths of age) my sister Deb met us in the city for a cup of coffee and gave Josh PigWig .. I remember his gleeming eyes as he grabbed him with his chubby little baby fingers and has not let him go since! (Josh is now 11!)

... PigWig is a funny old character, he is sewn together to resemble Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, but to us he has become someone entirely different - a family member even! I remember buying a "reserve" piggy for the time we thought we had lost him (and found him deep in the depths of Joshies bed later that day after turning the house upside down 10 times over looking for him) and i must admit even i could tell he wasnt PigWig. PigWig ("Piggy" on his affectionate days) has gone on road trips, interstate holidays, to the supermarket, to the hospital, to the market, off on adventures all over the place, he has been lost and found numerous times and he has even had a bounce or two on the trampoline over the years ..but i am sure nothing could have prepared him for the Grade 5 camp!! (poor PigWig was hidden in the dark depths of Joshies sleeping bag hiding from the horrid tortures of boys that may like to ridicule him entirely!).

[Josh drew this little card for me about 18 mths ago to give me courage when i am sick. I have had a particularly bad week pain wise this week so it is ironic that i have written about this tonight .. he said piggy gives him courage and he will give me courage too! I use this little picture for my profile picture on facebook and it reminds me of the courage Joshua gives me to to trudge on, on a daily basis - come what may Piggy is there to give us all courage!]

PigWig has become threadbare and resembles a colour that isnt quite pink anymore regardless of the amount of washing you give him... but yet, it does not surprise me that he is still tucked perfectly under Joshuas chin sound asleep as i write this x

(our competition winner will be announced tomorrow morning!)