Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DeJa Vu and the Ultimate Treat!

My mother popped around this morning and brought with her the ultimate treat!
She brought her vintage button tin with her for me to fossick through. While I was sifting through all the lovely buttons so many childhood memories came back to me.
Many of the buttons had been in my mothers button tin when I was young and used to play with her buttons way back then! (not much has changed in that regard!) .. many of the buttons were no doubt fashionable back in the 70's and some had Australian Army imprinted into them. I wonder where they have travelled?
There were also some lovely little "bobble" buttons that would be quant little noses or eyes for my new Snuggleberry characters, and some lovely little yellow flower shaped ones!
These lovely little buttons used to be "treasures" to me when I was young, creating bits and bobs with them at our kitchen table. Many a dolls dress made with them .. funny, nearly 30 years later and I am still doing the same thing with the same tin of buttons!

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Sunweeds Secret Garden said...

Me too! some I just can't part with though