Thursday, September 10, 2009

mmm.. decisions decisions

Today I made these sweet little cupcake hair clips for a little friend for her 6th birthday.

Im totally head over heels for cupcakes at the moment and I think these type of clips are so much easier for "little ladies" than elastics. Now the only decision is do I make some for my shop?? (I already have elastics in my tinned delights range and think clips will be a nice addition, but I am also aware that quiet a few other people are doing covered buttons on clips and dont want to tread on anyones toes)

The buttons are handmade and handsewn covered buttons made with quality Japanese fabric, and then using a little embroidery thread in a similar colour I have handsewn the buttons onto the clips (is there an easier and neater way??)

What do you all think? will I or wont I? (oooh! they are sooo adorable!)
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