Saturday, October 24, 2009

Featuring Artist: Mary of Perfect Jewelry

What does the mother of an almost 3 year old toddler and a 6 week old infant do while her infant is sleeping and her toddler is at preschool? Most mothers would take the opportunity to do any of the following activities:
1. clean
2. cook
3. take a shower
4. watch t.v.
5. sleep

Well, I am unlike most mothers because I take the opportunity to make jewelry!
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I started making jewelry several years ago. A friend taught me how to make a loop with wire and then off I went. I started spending my life savings on jewelry supplies. When I got married, I felt a little guilty about spending the family money so I started selling to some friends and family and co-workers. To my surprise, everyone seemed to love it and told me that I had an eye for design. With this ego boost, I started making more and more.

After a while, I was started to feel a little guilty about feeding into this consumer culture in America. At the same time, I started to get more involved with Compassion International, a charity organization through which I'd been sponsoring a little girl in the Philippines since I was in college. I decided to give most of my profits away to Compassion and other charity organizations.

What makes me unique as a designer? I am a perfectionist. I pick out the best beads and make the most perfect loops I can. I tuck in all my wires so that they don't scratch you and I also love making custom pieces that fit everyone perfectly. I hate bracelets that are too big or necklaces that catch on your clothes. I love working with semi precious gems like garnet, amethyst, citrine, onyx, and peridot. I also love love love pearls and swarovski crystals. I usually use only sterling silver, gold filled, or vermeil materials because to me, the time I invest in my jewelry is not worth using cheap materials. Most of my jewelry can be described as dainty and cute... although there are a few chunky rings and shoulder duster earrings.
I also love to blog and currently am a contributing blogger on Kimchi Mamas (
If you'd like to follow me on twitter (where I announce all my new listings on etsy) my username is so_yun.

Here is Mary's profile from her etsy shop: I LOVE making jewelry! I started several years ago and began selling them at local craft fairs. My friends and co-workers seem to love them and I am hoping the rest of the world will too! I named my shop "perfect" because I want to make perfect jewelry. Although it's hard to call a piece of art perfect, I thought this name suited my jewelry because I strive to make them perfect in my eyes and hopefully in the eyes of my customers. Another inspiration for the name of my shop is that the only truly perfect being is God Himself. I believe that God, the original Creator, gave me the ability to create beautiful jewelry and that he made the earth so beautiful for us to enjoy.I donate most of my profits to Compassion International, a non profit organization that helps children living in poverty through one on one sponsorship. I am able to do this because I have a full time "regular" job and jewelry making is a hobby and I don't depend on it to pay the bills.Have you ever discovered a beautiful bracelet only to find out it only comes in the standard 7 inches which is way too big for your tiny wrists? That standard 16 inch necklace just too tight around your neck? Or perhaps a bit too loose? You will never have that kind of problem with my jewelry because every piece can be custom made to fit you perfectly! Just tell me what you want and I will strive to make my creations "perfect" for you.I also make sure to "tuck in" all my wire ends so that it won't snag your clothes or scratch you.Please send me a conversation with any questions. I also have many more pieces on display at my home in the Bay Area

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