Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun at the Fair


I had such a great time at the Twilight Fair this evening! - I now understand why people love doing markets! It was so much fun seeing people I havent caught up with in such a long time and seeing people appreciate and love my products!

I was in the local Primary School Hall, so a little out of the way from the rest of the stalls, but had a great afternoon. My lovely mother in law came along to help out and I was grateful of her help as we were very busy most of the afternoon.

Pictures: My lovely mother in law and my tables full of yummy Delicious Berrylicious goodies

I love seeing people choose which item they love the most and it was certainly interesting to see what people liked the best (sometimes not the things you may think they would like or would normally choose for myself!)

This was my first market, so I learnt so much from this experience - I felt that my display lacked height and order as i needed to squash sooooo much onto two trestle tables. I am a perfectionist when it comes to display so I feel I need to find some suitable boxes or trays to display my items in if I was to do markets again in the future.... Any ideas?

I thought maybe old draws would be great, but i am unsure about this as I wonder if people would naturally flick through things or are they better all laid out so people do not need to touch things to see them? I ended up laying everything out on my tables as things sold, so people dont need to flick through baskets to see my items and found this was a much better way of displaying my items - and feel that I most probably sold more this way as the first couple in a basket may not appeal to someone but the one at the back may do, yet they are less likely to flick through a stack if the first ones did not appeal to the indvidual looking. I would appreciate your comments on this - from the sellers point of view as well as a buyers!


Marita said...

Your stall looks great. It can be so much fun doing markets, its a buzz when someone likes and buys your stuff. I use some old suitcases and wire baskets, but also have things on the table as I find people like to touch stuff, so it needs to be accessible. You'll be addicted to markets now! Good luck.

Berrylicious Buttons said...

Thank you Marita! I appreciate your lovely comments ... old suitcases are a great idea! 8-)

sweetwilliam said...

We have learnt so much from every market we do - I blush when I think of the first one I did! I love having both on the table - something flat and some thing to rummage through- people always love a rummage - and when im looking at a stall I like to have a little flick through things.

clare's craftroom said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog . I'm sorry I couldn't find your post re copyright but it gave me a chance to have a look around here . I am now following you so I can come back and look more , great blog !

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

It's so great that you had a successful debut! You certainly have been a busy girl, haven't you?
What about using cake platters for displaying your know the ones on a stand? Some lovely vintage style ones would be lovely? They would give you a bit of height, and add interest.
You could also spend a small fortune on display items, so it pays to be savvy - I know you are!
I think it's good to have items laid out, making it easy for the customer to see at an instant -if it's too hard work, they won't always rummage, unless they are REALLY interested. Capture the audience immediately with an easy on the eye, organised display. Most jewellery, and sellers of 'little items', seem to create a lot of negative space around their product, so less is more, and they replace that items once it sells.
It gets easier each time you set up, and quicker, but you did a fab job.. Well done.

Berrylicious Buttons said...

Thank you sweetwilliam, clare and Lu - I really appreciate all your lovely helpful advice. I love the cake stand idea Lu! I was not that happy with the layout I had on Friday as it lacked height.. but hery, you live and learn and I only had a week to prepare and make all my products - so was pretty happy with my attempt!