Monday, October 5, 2009

plagiarism | copy cats

What is the image on the previous post all about you say?
I know that I am bringing up a controversial topic here ... but what do you do about plagiarism?

Today I have discovered that there is another seller on etsy that is making replicas of certain products that I am making - listed only days after i have listed my items (but previously posted sneak peaks of on my blog).

I know there is nothing new about fabric covered buttons, and certainly nothing new about fabric buttons and hair accessories .. but the same fabric, the same packaging, the same wording in the listings !?!?! REALLY!?!?! first it was hair elastics, then my cupcake bookmarks and now the elastic headwrap headbands (that can not be coincidental surely!).

I searched high and low, and across the globe (TRULY!) for my little tins and spent WEEKS (just ask my friends - i drove them all insane with my neverending questioning about my little tins!!!) making decisions on which ones to go with for a new original packaging idea to "stand out in the crowd" so to speak, and now find similar tins are being used for buttons made with EXACTLY the same fabric as I use and even the descriptions are nearly worded exactly the same!

I am certainly not trying to create a hornets nest here, or any kind of negative airing. I am generally a positive person that is happy to share ideas for others to make beautiful gifts of their own - isnt that what craft is about?

All i can say is that I KNOW that my products are produced at the best possible quality, are made with the best of care (and made with love). I APPRECIATE every single customer that comes into my store. I treat each and every customer equally with the upmost of importance regardless or order size or value. I try and offer the best possible service and communication and I spend the time and effort to ensure my orders are sent out immediately, in top condition, with fantastic packaging and wrapping (and quite often add little extras to bring a smile)... Perhaps that is all i need to shine above?



trusk4u said...

Good grief, that's awful! Some people have no scruples ,no shame, and think they can do whatever they want. It's a tough situation, and I know I would be very ticked off!! Not really sure what could be done about it. I'm so sorry!

innerearthsoaps said...

Ugh, how rude. All you can do is keep going and use your creative energy to keep being the best! Does it help to say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? ..

mary said...

oh that really really sucks. i also found another seller on etsy who made the EXACT same earrings that i made before..

fındıkfaresi said...

It sucks!
Let me tell you a worst one. One blogger stole the others wedding photos and told her readers that they are her wedding photos and also stole every detail from wedding dress to flowers and wrote the exactly same story but with different name on her blog.

Little Waltz said...

Wow. That really really sucks. I'd hate for somebody to have done that to me.

Are you going to confront them? I know I would. =/

Berrylicious Buttons said...

Thank you for all your kind thoughts. Erin, you are completely correct in saying it is sincerest form of flattery!

After considerable thought, a loooong night of tossing and turning, I have decided to follow my heart and stay true to myself in just plodding along and hold my head up high and let it pass.

I am considering printing my own fabrics to prevent this from happening any further.

I am the type of person that totally dislikes confrontation, upsetting others or creating gossip or hornets nests. I will not point fingers and I have decided not to confront this person, as many people have told me to do. I feel that this will only cause disharmony in a lovely community that I admire and that I am proud to be a part of (the DUST team).

Crafting is meant to be FUN!, and something to share. I will continue to be true to myself, and be the bigger person. Perhaps they may learn to think for yourself! You might even surprise themselves, and find that creating something unique is rewarding for their soul. I am sure that selling an item you know that has been copied must have a pretty hollow feeling behind it.


PixelatedMushroom said...

Oh this is very sad :(

If you're not completely sure they are copying it becomes a very difficult question.

I've been working in the copyright office in our library this year and it seems quite a touchy subject.

I'm sure you've already heard this already, but (if the descriptions are word-for-word) it can be sometimes beneficial to at least contact the person and ask that they create their own words or take down the material.

Usually people who have copied things word-for-word will not make a fuss or a stir in the community - sometimes they even take down the material that has been copied once asked. In this way it might be worth just politely convoying this person to discuss the issue.

Anyway, all the best and I'm sure that your originality will always make you the first port of call :)


Ange said...

how awful for you!

I think your idea about your own printed fabric is FABULOUS! Because, then noone can have the same item as you! And it's a great selling point for you (it's extra EXTRA handmade!).


Thea said...

It is disgraceful. Can you report the copycat to Etsy? Surely, they must have a policy for this; especially since they are supposedly promoting original, handmade work.

katie said...

oh goodness - i reckon i know exactly who you mean! i checked out her store and there definitely are some massive similarities! i am also a tassie-based button gal -but i'm know that our range and style are different enough for us both to inhabit this little ol place! (hope you agree :?)